Our Core Values


All our interactions are with the intention to help all members of our school community build confidence. We encourage children to speak up for themselves.  Their opinion matters.  We all belong.  We are all important.  We help children navigate through social situations by “sportscasting” for them.


All interactions between members of our school show respect.   Each person is allowed to participate in their own way.   Showing compassion in all our conversations and interactions allows for a happy and peaceful space, even amongst varying ideas.  We do not force apologies, manners, or activities.  We model respectful behavior.  Most respect begets more respect. We can ask ourselves “how would we want to have someone talk to us” and then model that.   Respecting all people and property aligns with our core values at our school.   We help people build empathy by taking time to truly listen and support one another.


Building secure relationships is one of the most important things we can accomplish in our school.  The entire day is focused on building strong, loving, gentle, and helpful relationships.   We build relationships between the staff and children, from child to child, between staff and families, and with our community.


All humans have a birthright to feel joy.   Every member of our school community is allowed to smile, laugh, and play everyday.   If something feels “not right” then we need to address the unmet need so we can go back into the harmony of delight, splendor, and joy.

Our school is the first of its kind.   If you have a question about our core values, ask Ms. Katie, the school director, at any time!