Our Beginning


Purple Bloom Farm

As a pioneer, leader, and entrepreneur of his time, Ms. Katie’s great grandfather, Harold White, was one of the first farmers to harvest alfalfa in Iowa. During the warm springs, the family farm would be filled with beautiful purple blooms from the purple alfalfa flower, coining the name “Purple Bloom Farm”.  The window displayed is an original farmhouse window from Purple Bloom Farm before renovations in the 2000’s.


Purple Bloom Preschool

Remembering the days of picking strawberry’s, taking long walks, exploring the joys of the outdoors, tree swings, and tractor rides, Ms. Katie wanted to create the feeling of freedom she found on that farm within a school setting.  She set out to learn all she could about child development, while running an in-home early childhood program from 2003 – 2009.  Ms. Katie founded Purple Bloom Preschool in 2010.


Purple Bloom School

After Ms. Katie received numerus requests from local families to meet the needs of children in our community for an alternate, positive, health focused, value driven educational experience, Purple Bloom School was founded in January of 2018.

Students at Purple Bloom School, starting as infants, grow up in a respectful environment with the goal of creating happy, healthy, independent peace makers, problem solvers, and overall good contributing members of society. They learn life giving and generative habits including proper rest, food, nutrition, time management, learning environment, daily exercise/wellness, and solution making skills in an age appropriate way. Classrooms are facilitated by well rounded, caring, loving, intentional educators who model this proper balance in life.